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Happy EOFY! Take 10% OFF with Code EOFY2024
Are Your Archive Boxes Being Safely Stored?

Are Your Archive Boxes Being Safely Stored?

Don't get caught out by your unsafe archives!

Here at Archive Boxes Australia we're big on providing archive boxes that are both premium quality and easy to use. When you get the boxes though, you're in charge of making sure they're stored safely.

With the start of the new financial year, we always recommend doing a half-yearly risk assessment of your current on-site archival storage.

Start by walking around your offices and identifying any risks your storage may pose, using these suggested questions:

  1. What type of boxes are you storing?
    This one is important! Maybe 5 years ago your predecessor purchased some super cheap and flimsy cardboard boxes to save some money (we're looking at you Keji!), but now they're starting to sag and unable to be stacked. These need to be swapped for better quality, sturdier boxes ASAP. These types of boxes don't last a lifetime, which is why we created our premium quality polypropylene boxes.
  2. Do your archives have a specific location, or are they scattered around the office?
    If you find they are scattered around the office, take note where they are and if any present a trip or an OHS hazard. If they are stored in a specific location, are they easy to access and organised, or is it an obstacle course to access them.
  3. How do staff access the boxes?
    If staff need to climb ladders to access your document storage boxes, have they been trained on how to climb the ladders to reduce risk?
  4. Do you have policies on maximum weight & training on how to lift heavy boxes?
    Sometimes archive boxes can get heavy - in excess of 25kg. See if you have any policies in place on how much a box can weigh to make sure it doesn't become an OHS hazard. Now is a great time to refresh your staff on how to safely handle and lift heavy items like boxes.
  5. Are boxes stored in the attic, cellar or another location scarcely accessed?
    If your boxes are stored in an attic or in a cellar, have you completed a risk assessment including assessing how staff will access the records, what stairs they need to take, maximum load for storage?
  6. Is Offsite Storage a safer option?
    Sometimes it can be handy storing your boxes on-site, but if you don't access your records often it might be time to research off-site storage options!

Once you have answered those questions, you'll be able to make a plan of action to ensure your archives are safe. The simplest risk assessment and organisation could save your business thousands.

Now if you have boxes needing replacement, order your polypropylene boxes now - we'll get them to you ASAP!

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