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Quality & Materials

All of our archive boxes are made from high quality corflute polypropylene plastic or traditional cardboard.

Corflute Polypropylene is the same stuff used in signage, construction and other applications that require high strength as well as keeping the items at a light weight.

Our archive boxes are VERY similar to those found in the #1 office retailer in Australia, but they are only about 1/3 of the cost! Go and search for plastic archive box and you'll see the one!

Why Corflute Polypropylene?

We started out as a cardboard box supplier, and we still love our traditional cardboard box but also wanted something that can protect your documents to be stored for the longer term. We discovered corflute polypropylene!

Corflute gets its name from the ribs that run perpendicular to the twin plastic walls. This ribbing provides excellent compaction strength while keep weight down. It also make it very difficult to rip / tear the sheet. 

The best things about Polypropylene:

  • It doesn’t react with water, detergents, acids, or bases, so it won’t break down easily.
  • It’s resistant to cracking and stress, even when flexed, so it’s used in lots of hinges.
  • It’s quite durable, so it withstands daily wear and tear.

Polypropylene’s characteristics make it ideal for tough, robust products ranging from protective car bumpers to life-saving medical tools to cold-weather gear for our soldiers.

Plus it also can be engineered into a wide range of packaging that helps protect products we rely on every day, from medicine to yogurt to baby food, so it's perfect for archive boxes!

PAT Tested

All of our polypropylene boxes have been PAT tested, which is geek speak the Photographic Activity Test.

The PAT was developed by the Image Permanence Institute of the United States to test the quality of photographic storage materials. It is the subject of International Standards Organisation standard ISO 18916:2007 Imaging materials – Processed imaging materials – Photographic activity test for enclosure materials.

Put simply, the test indicates whether a material is likely to damage photographs, negatives, slides, motion picture films, etc. The test looks for chemical interactions that manifest as discolouration's of photographic material. If a product fails the test, it should not be allowed near photographic materials.

Fully Recyclable

If you purchase our old fashioned cardboard boxes, these can be recycled as normal!

We've invested heavily in products that won't have a long-term effect on the environment, including our plastic boxes. Polypropylene can be melted and reformed into plastic pellets that then are used to make new products. In fact, polypropylene bottles and containers are collected for recycling in most curb side programs across the country.

If for some reason you no longer need to store your archives, you can pop these bad boys in your normal recycle bin. Recycling polypropylene helps keep this superhero out of landfills to live another life as food storage containers, cutting boards, outdoor rugs, car parts and more.

The Archive Boxes Australia Guarantee