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Comic Crate Divider

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This divider is custom made to fit inside the Dante Double Comic Crate

Ensure your two rows of comics fit nice and snugly in between this divider. The divider has been designed to slot perfectly into the Dante Double Crate - with notches on each end the connect into place - meaning you can securely store comics in a half full box, or divide your full box.

Made of Acid free clear perspex, this 3mm thick divider sits in between your two rows of comic books. Perfect to keep your comics nice and snug on each side regardless of if the box is full or not.

For product protection while in transit, the divider has been coated in a blurred film. Prior to placing the divider in your Dante Crate, ensure you peel off the protective film.

Product Specifications:


Acid-free Clear Plastic (Perspex)

The Archive Boxes Australia Guarantee