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Photo Storage Box

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Crafted using premium fluted polypropylene plastic, these photo boxes offer a secure, organised, and cost-effective means of storing various quantities of photographs, including wedding proofs and loose, unfilled prints. 

Our PhotoBox will effortlessly store a collection of up to 700 photos sized 10x5 cm / 6x4 inches when positioned vertically, or hold 250 to 300 enlargements sized 13x18 cm / 7x5 inches or 15x20 cm / 8x6 inches when placed flat within the box.

Please note, there are no index cards in this box. 

 Product Specifications:


Polypropylene Plastic (Acid Free)

Photo Size

6 x 4"

Internal Dimensions (mm)

155mm x 210mm x 110mm

External Dimensions (mm)

165mm x 235mm x 115mm


The Archive Boxes Australia Guarantee