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10 Awesome comic storage ideas!

10 Awesome comic storage ideas!

When it comes to comic storage there are so many ways to do it. You could take a trip to Ikea or maybe take a DIY approach.

Everyone collects comics for different reasons. Some people store their comics to show off their collection, some store to preserve and protect their valuable first editions, others just want to integrate their interior design to reflect their passions.

Regardless, the awesome thing about comic collectors is that they are so creative with how they store their comics. There are some great examples of problem solving out there that tackle collections of all sizes.

So whether you are trying to organise your cave of solitude or just have some spare wall space you want to fill in you’ll find the inspiration you need in our official guide to home comic storage. 

10 Comic Shelving

Comic storage shelving

You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, well how about one-piece on the mantelpiece? (I’ll see myself out) When it comes to combining storage and display it’s hard to beat shelves.

Shelves are very versatile; they can be attached to the walls invisibly and there are countless styles of free standing shelves.

You can store your comics unprotected straight on a shelf or for extra protection certain shelving can fit comic boxes perfectly. Comic storage Folders also work perfectly on shelves.

9. Graded comic displays

Graded comic wall display

Let’s be honest, if you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a graded comic, you’d want to flex it. Yes I know, I know displaying it in direct light runs the risk of fading and ageing your near mint rated amazing spider man #300, but if you’re that rich…. Who cares?

Invisible shelving looks awesome with graded comics and if you’re paying a significant amount of money for what is essentially a work of art it deserves pride of place in your house. 

Graded comic wall display

You can buy these wall mounts from comicmount to make your house like a nerdy version of the lourve. Honestly with the price of collectors comics these days it may be a mere matter of time before comics are displayed in art galleries anyway.

8. Comic Storage Furniture.

Comic reading room desk

Over decades of collecting you probably would’ve spent a hideous amount of money on comics. This may mean you have very little budget left for furniture, but what if you could use your prized collection as furniture? 

This was probably the dilemma which collector, Sean Kleefeld was facing when he came up with the solution to build the ultimate comics library. 

It’s an incredibly clever use of space, allowing for a functional and enjoyable comic reading space. Sean used an array of long box shelving to create a daybed, and a large cubby hole shelf system with an attached desk to create an awesome home office set up.

7. Comic Cabinets

Comic filing cabinet

Moving away from form and doubling down on the functional aspect of storage, we now explore the realm of filing cabinets. These ungainly things are beasts when it comes to storage and protection. Like storing your comics in a Panzer tank. 

The pros;

  • Super sturdy
  • Protective
  • Fireproof for up to 120 minutes.

The cons;

  • Heavy
  • Difficult to move once full
  • Not particularly aesthetically pleasing

Despite their massive size and considerable bulkiness their storage capacity cannot be disputed. For large scale collectors these are a very secure and protective way to store comics long term, provided you aren’t planning on moving them anytime soon.

Check out this guide to learn how to set up your filing cabinets for comic storage.

6. Custom comic display drawers.

Custom Comic cabinet

This is arguably my favourite sub category of comic storage. I’ve lost countless hours on pinterest getting increasingly more inspired and also increasingly disappointed in my finances that I couldn’t afford such an awesome thing. 

Incidentally, the costs for these custom creations are their biggest drawback but if you have the time, knowledge and/or a decent chunk of disposable income then these are a really refined and classy way to display your collection.

These custom cabinets from new jersey woodcraft are bloody awesome.

Custom comic drawer

5. Recycle, repurpose, read comics!

If you want all the style of a custom cabinet but don’t want to spend big then thinking out of the box is your best solution. Repurposing old furniture has the triple benefit of being good for the environment, your mind and your interior design.

Facebook marketplace, gumtree, ebay, the classifieds, they’re all bursting at the seams with unwanted furniture that can be picked up for cheap or even for free. So start combing through the trash and find some treasure.

DIY comic storage

This chest of drawers has been repurposed by Ikea Hackers to store comics. I love the attention to detail with custom handles.

Comic storage chest

4. No nonsense storage

Industrial Comic storage

Maybe you don’t care about interior design at all, all you want is a place to keep your collection organised in a neat and tidy way. Industrial shelving ticks a lot of boxes. It’s made to do one thing and that is to store things in a functional way and it doesn’t care about how it looks when doing it.

Comic storage shelves

Comic short boxes are the ideal size to fit on these sort of shelves and they have plenty of blank space on them for you to label your collection.

Comic collector Savanti Romero has put labels to great effect on his collection. Check it out here.

3. Comic Crates

Sometimes you want your collection to be a little bit more mobile. Maybe you’re renting or you just like to move your collection around a lot to find the optimal feng shui orientation. Either way there a benefits of housing your collection with items which are a little bit less permanent.

Comic crate, Vigilante Comics

Comic crates come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and provide a robust protective shell for smaller collections while also not being overly difficult to move. We sell the Vigilante Comics, Dante crate, a sturdy, stackable 250 comic capacity crate which fits within ikea kallax shelving.

There are heaps of options out there to fit any style or collection. Here are some other cool ones.

The perspex display on the front is a very nice feature on these plywood boxes made by Romany House.

DIY comic crate

These crates were handmade by Parilla Works, looks awesome!

2. Store storage.

If it's good enough for the comic dealers surely it's good enough for your own home. Or so the theory goes. It’s possible you may come across some second hand store display stands at some point in your travels and that’s a big bonus if you’re a comic collector and you want to recreate that comic store feeling in your own home.

This example comes from where they made their own comics display by repurposing an old bookshelf, perfect for browsing!

Or what about this magazine rack?  A great way to fit comics with limited space.

1. Off site storage

If you’re a super comic collector you may actually reach a point where your collection can’t even fit in your house anymore. At this point you have two options, A) Look at yourself in the mirror and ask if this is really a valuable use of your time and resources. B) Look into off-site storage options.

If you choose option B it is best to go for a storage provider which specialises in document storage as their facilities are kept in the optimal condition for the storage and preservation of documents such as your comics. 

Generally with this kind of storage you will also pay per pallet space or by the box rather than for a whole storage unit which is a big money saver.

Offsite comic storage

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