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Archive boxes and Ikea Kallax shelving hacks!

Archive boxes and Ikea Kallax shelving hacks!

Kallax shelving and archive boxes? A match made in heaven.

The Kallax shelving unit is arguably the greatest thing to come out of Ikea since the meatball.

Almost every home has one, I’m sitting right across from one right now as I write this. 

They are truly omnipresent and some theorise that they may even be behind most historical events, secretly pulling the strings from the shadows…

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Conspiracy theories aside, the best thing about Kallax shelves is that they are the perfect size to fit Archive boxes. Meaning? That every hack we have already mentioned on our website is compatible with Kallax Shelving. 

The second best thing? You can get really creative with them. Want to store your custom made thread storage box under the bed? Build a bed frame out of Kallax Shelves like this!

Want to store your funky repurposed archive boxes AND have a window seat? Feast your eyes.

Check out this post for even more Kallax shelving unit ideas, there’s no limit to your imagination.

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