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Comic box spray paint storage hack!

Comic box spray paint storage hack!

Spray paint  is an essential ingredient for the DIY obsessed. But is there a better way to store your cans?

There’s nothing like taking something old and faded and spraying it with some bright new colours, but the issue is that you end up with a lot of half empty cans of varying colours.

If you live in an apartment or townhouse and you don’t have the luxury of a backyard shed, storing spray cans can be fraught with danger. 


Many crafters have thought to themselves “If this metallic chrome paint dribbles everywhere in my cupboard my bond is as good as gone”. We’ve all been there and here’s a handy little secret.

Comic storage boxes are actually the perfect size for storing spray paint cans. A short box can comfortably fit 15 cans. They’re robust enough to be carried around if you’re painting some murals in Melbourne laneways. 


You can pop a lid on them to keep all that dribbling paint locked away in the corflute polypropylene box. They're stackable and they’ll fit anywhere, under a bed, in a cupboard or on a shelf. Wherever it fits, it sits. 

And here’s a bonus hack: archive boxes can double as a portable painting booth. Just put your item in the box and spray to your heart's content without fear of covering the room in a beautiful mist of paint.

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