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Get organised in style: Archive Box storage hack!

Get organised in style: Archive Box storage hack!

Use Fabric and Hot Glue to give your archive boxes a modern makeover.

Looking to get organised on a budget without sacrificing style? This storage hack is perfect for household storage and organisation. And it is so versatile! You can store linen, clothing, toys, vinyl records and so much more!

You can get as creative as you like to create the storage box of your dreams.

Storage box makeover

Archive boxes are made primarily for offices and despite managers trying to convince us otherwise, offices are BORING. And so archive boxes are made with very little consideration for interior design. (how rude of them)

But just like that scene in early 2000s teen rom coms, where the fugly kid has a transformation before the prom. We too can refuse to accept the way archive boxes look and force them to conform to popular beauty standards. 


If you’re a crafty person you wouldn’t be caught dead without a hot glue gun and that is basically all you need for this hack. Take yourself to spotlight or even scrounge some vintage curtains from Vinnies.

We recommend an archive box with a detached lid for this one.

Like this one

Measure your fabric against your box. Trace the pattern, make sure to leave over hang on each edge to fold into the box. Take your scissors and hack up your fabric into a cross shape like so;

Fabric pattern for archive box decoration

VIA designsponge

Put some hot glue along the edge of each fabric flap and then firmly press into the box. Rinse and repeat until the outside of the box is unrecognisable. 

Then take a contrasting fabric and line the inside of the box for a nice popping look.


And now you’ve got a storage box straight out of the ikea catalogue. All it needs is a Scandinavian name (Bjork is good). 

You could continue the process with the lid and even add other parts such as a section where you can name the contents of the box.

Alternatively you could give your box a spritz of spray paint for a fresh new look. You could add some fabric handles or even rhinestones if you have no taste.

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