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DIY thread storage solution!

DIY thread storage solution!

How to create a DIY thread storage box


The easy way to make a thread storage box using an old archive box, some cardboard, screws, glue and just a little bit of brains!

If you’ve got an interest in sowing, you’d know that your thread spools can add up pretty quick. Proper thread storage is very important

Standing them up on a bench runs the risk of them falling over and unravelling themselves which is very unenjoyable and if you lay them down they're already halfway to rolling off the table.

What you need is a storage box to hold them in place and here’s how to do it.

You’ll need:

  • A box
  • Cardboard
  • Screws (about 100mm) 
  • Straws

You can take any box which fits your needs. You may have tall spools or short ones, wide or thin either way you’ll find a box you like.

Now measure the base of this box and write down the dimensions.

Take a large rectangle of corflute cardboard. This is the thick cardboard they use to make boxes for transporting goods like fridges, tvs and appliances. 

Take a box cutter or a good pair of scissors and cut it according to the dimensions you’ve measured.

Now get a pencil and a ruler and measure up a grid on this piece of cardboard. Spacing will vary according to the size of the spools you wish to store. You want to make sure there is space between each spool as well as the sides of the box. We went with a 2cm border and 4cm gap between each row and column.

Via  The Workshop in the Tree – Sewing blog

Push a screw through where each of the lines on the grid intersect and repeat until you’ve covered the whole grid. Add a little dab of hot glue to the base of each one to give it some extra stability.

Via  The Workshop in the Tree – Sewing blog

Flip the board over so that all of your screws are pointing up. Now place your straws on top of each screw.

 Via  The Workshop in the Tree – Sewing blog

Take the whole cardboard base and place it into your box, it should fit snugly.

Place your spools down the middle of each spool and there you have it, thread storage at last.

Via  The Workshop in the Tree – Sewing blog

This trick also works great in draws.

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