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How To Store Sewing Patterns At Home!

How To Store Sewing Patterns At Home!

If you have been sewing for years you likely have grown quite a collection of sewing patterns, but how can you store them without damaging them?

Luckily archive and comic boxes are designed to store and preserve fragile items!

Read on to learn the best ways to store your sewing patterns and supplies.

Use comic boxes to store Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns are quite a distinctive shape. Not quite as large as a magazine or notebook but not overly small either.

But did you know that they are very similar in size to modern comic book sizes? I know what you're thinking, "why would I possibly know that? I'm a talented seamstress not some nerd!" Well sorry, I thought you could have been a cosplayer.


Comics are a huge global industry enjoyed across the world. As a result a lot of products and accessories have been developed for the purpose of comic collecting, preservation and storage.

And by some happy coincidence most of these accessories will work perfectly with your sewing patterns!

Here's what you need:

  • Comic book protection sleeves
  • They come in multiple sizes named after comic book eras.
    • Golden Era (21.7cm x 26.7cm)
    • Silver Era (18.1cm x 26.7cm)
    • Modern Era (17.5cm x 26.7cm)
  • It's important to make sure they are made from an acid free material.

    • Backing boards
      • These help to maintain the rigidity and integrity of your sewing pattern.
      • Made from a full 24 point solid bleached sulphate, coated on one side with a 3% buffer of calcium carbonate, and precision cut to size.

    • Dividers
      • Many comic accessories suppliers sell their own dividers.
      • But you can also create your own with any durable cardboard or plastic. Just cut it to size.

    • Comic book storage boxes
      • A durable box made for the long term storage and protection of comics.
      • Inner storage dimensions are generally: Length 34cm x Width 19.6cm x Height 28.1cm
      • Made from polypropylene, cardboard or even wood.
      • If you've got heaps of patterns to store you could even buy boxes in different colours to categorise each clothing item.

    Sewing pattern storage boxes

    Now that you've got all your materials here's how to store them.

    Take a sewing pattern and place it on a backing board. Slide the patterns and their backing boards into a comic storage sleeve. Seal the adhesive flap and place them into a comic box. Label the dividers and place them into the box.

    You can then label the box and store them wherever best suits your needs. Our storage boxes are also safely stackable.


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