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Free Metro Shipping on all orders over $150
Vinyl record storage hacks!

Vinyl record storage hacks!

Store your vinyl records without breaking the bank!

To quote Zoolander, vinyl records are “so hot right now”. Audiophiles are returning to the analog music medium in droves. But what’s the smartest way to do vinyl storage?


Vinyl Record sales in America doubled from 21.5 million units in 2020 to 41.7 million units last year. Such a boom doesn't go unnoticed in the business world and all sorts of vinyl accessories are now available.

The only problem is that these accessories are expensive as f@#$. Record collecting used to be for the cheapskates, finding bargains from the past in second hand shops, storing them in milk crates you found in a laneway, the true hipster’s dream.

Well here’s a handy tip for you, listen closely. You could pay up to $70 for one overpriced vinyl crate, orrrr you could pay $10-15 for a polypropylene archive or comic box. 


They are nearly the exact same dimensions. Built to withstand all kinds of handling. They are acid free so they will actually provide better protection in the long run for your records than a wooden crate would.

Vinyl storage box


The Comic crate specifically can hold approximately 60, 12 inch vinyls and fit easily on a shelf

But keep this quiet, otherwise the box people will rename them to Vinyl boxes and jack up the price 80%.

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